10 reasons to travel to Bangkok

Being the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok doesn’t have to do much to earn its fame, but the city of angels has definitely more to offer. If you are looking for reasons why you should visit Bangkok, these 10 things will help you decide whether the capital of Thailand will be your next destination or not.

1. The people

Unlike most metropolitan cities, Bangkok still has the friendly people that care about the world around them. The main reason why these city people can remain friendly and helpful is because they are Thai and Thai are one of the most hospitable hosts in this world.

So even the city life has tempered some of the Thai traits a bit, the majority of them are still seen in Bangkokians.

2. The weather

Okay, if you are local, you will definitely oppose to this point. But if you are a visitor from abroad, Bangkok has the perfect weather to welcome you.

Either if you are from cold countries or hot (er) countries, Bangkok weather is still going to win it. This is because the weather here is warm and humid, making it a perfect condition for outdoor activities, or in other words, great for doing any kind of tourism even during the rainy season.

3. The shopping

Railroad Market Sirinakarin

Luxury or affordable? Why not both? Photo of Railroad Market Sirinakarin

Bangkok has so many shopping malls that will suit every lifestyle of yours – from the most luxurious kind to the most affordable available in the market. You can enjoy shopping under the sun at outdoor shopping markets or, if you prefer the cooler alfresco market, the night market is definitely a place to go.

If designer’s products are your life, Bangkok has a great collection of mega malls that feature many brand name products that you love. Shopping is also an awesome activity to do when the weather is too hot or too wet!

4. The nightlife

The city of angels sure has a wide range of nightlife options. There are literally thousands of things to enjoy during the night time in Bangkok as if the city has never slept. All kinds of red light district activities from the nightclub, rooftop bars to go-go bar are all available at hands.

If you are not a hardcore night goers but just like to stay late at night, there are plenty of cafe and coffee shops open until midnight or even 24-hr!

5. The food

It is a great sin if you are not mentioning about food when you are talking about Bangkok. This vibrant city has a crazy long list of dining options. All kinds of cuisine can be found here in this city, whether it is Japanese, Western or even Egyptian.

But when in Bangkok, the food that you cannot miss is local Thai food, especially the cheap and delicious Thai street food. Not only it is affordable, the street food is also very yummy and easy to find, great for those who have less budget but are in search of new experiences.

6. The price

What if you want to travel to some destination not on BTS or MRT map? Taxi might do the trick

Taxi is not as affordable as it used to be… but it is still very cheap compared to other countries.

Like we mentioned before, Bangkok has many eating options and most of them are very budget-friendly. The city escort berlin doesn’t only offer great and cheap food, other things such as transportation, shopping and service fees are also inexpensive. In short, you can enjoy more things in Bangkok with less spending.

7. The cost of living

The cost of living in Bangkok is much lesser than in any other modern capital cities around the world. The city does not only offer low-priced services and products in the escort hamburg short term, it also provide you more benefit in the long run.

Accommodation rental fee and property price here are much lower when compared to any metropolitan cities around the world and that’s why you will see a lot of expats traveling and living here.

8. The Lifestyle

Even Bangkok is a busy capital, you escort frankfurt can still see how its people take things easy in their daily life. This is because they are Thai and taking things easy is somewhat the Thai style of living.

This might annoy those that have different belief and practice but when you open your heart and see it through, you will realize that they didn’t mean bad, but it is just the way they live and carry on with life.

9. The exoticness

Bankgkok is a city full of contrasts

Bangkok is a city full of contrasts

Being a cosmopolitan city, Bangkok can still manage to retain its exoticness and wilderness. The city does not only has every convenience to offer, but it also has an exotic lifestyle, attractions, and local people’s way of life to offer.

In Bangkok you can still see local people fishing and jumping into the river, enjoying the laidback life in Chaophraya river, and then at another glance you are looking at the skyscraper that hosts a modern rooftop bar. Life is really amazing in Bangkok.

10. The culture

One of the foremost reasons why you should travel to Bangkok is going to be its culture. The diversity of the culture in Bangkok is great. You can see delicate Thai culture while there is a mix of beautiful Chinese culture that incredibly blended in, making Bangkok’s culture even more attractive.

Do you think there are any more reasons why you should never miss traveling to Bangkok? Let us know in the comment section below!

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