3 shocking Thai words when you say them to foreigners

Many of you might find Thai language is difficult to pronounce,but there are some Thai words that easy to speak as they are homonym to English. Some of them can shock you with its meaning in English language, but in fact in Thai it doesn’t mean anything close to what you understand at all! Just like these 3 shocking words that have absolutely nothing to do with their meaning in English.

Fuk (ฟัก)

When you hear it, you will go whoa whoa what man!? Actually, if you hear Thai women saying this on a dining table or in a market, they probably just talks about their food that has “Fuk” as one of the ingredients.

Fuk or Winter Melon

Fuk or Winter Melon

Fuk (ฟัก), in Thai, is a vegetable or you might know it as a winter melon. Of course that is as a noun, in other context, it can be a verb which means to hatch.

Now when you hear some Thai says Fuk, you might one to slow down a bit before decided to punch him or her in the face!

Poo (ปู)

Alright this one is a little gross! But when you know what it actually means, everything will become so clear to you.

Poo (ปู) doesn’t mean excrement like you might think, in my language it means a crab (oh another homonym, how irony!). So you might find this word in food menu in Thai restaurants don’t be panic because it doesn’t mean like what you think.

She doesn´t mean that..

She doesn´t mean that..

Poo  is also a popular nickname for Thai women, so be nice and try not to laugh when you hear one.

Porn (พร)

Hello baby, you might think that when you see or hear someone say this word but wait just wait, there is nothing like what you think! Porn in Thai language means a wish or a blessing, which obviously there is nothing close to your favourite “movie” at all.

And because of its good meaning, Porn is often used as a name of many things – from people name to shop or store names. So when you see a shop store with this word on it, do not assume that it will have what you want…

No, it´s not that!

No, it´s not that!

Without knowing the meaning, these 3 words can give you an awkward moment. Now you know it that poo is not a poop and porn in Thai doesn’t come with hot naked women (well some might..).

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