4 animals which are swear words in Thai

Every language in this world has words with connotation, like these 4 Thai words that actually simply mean animals. However, you might get hurt if you say them out loud. I will start from the least to the most offensive word, so next time you get called by these words on a street, you will know if you should run or just laugh!


Mah means a dog in my language. I know that doesn’t sound so offensive and it is kind of cute. Yes and No at the same time. Locals will refer Mah to their kids (whether they are still kid or adult), this means that they are always their little one.

What's wrong of being a dog?

What’s wrong of being a dog?

In contrary, if someone refers you as a dog, that doesn’t mean well. They could have meant, you are such a small and disgraceful person. This word often comes with other adjective to intensify the degree of vulgarity such as Mah- Bah meaning crazy dog, Mah- Kang Tanon (street dog) and so on.


Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo

Buffalo or Kwai in Thai language has a connotation of being stupid. It is pretty offensive to insult your intelligence, but most of the time it is used to just express anger. For example, you are crossing a street, minding your own business while suddenly, a wild taxi drives out of no where and yell at you “Kwai” – well that doesn’t refer to your intelligence or anything like that, he just want to call you name.


It is Sat with S A (ah) T not like in Saturday but more like in suddenly. Sat simply means animal and you might think so…? It doesn’t seem that bad of being an animal.

Wild life


In Thai ways, Sat refers to low life living, uncivilised creature. However, mostly they will use this word to just swear or call people names which sometimes it can be those who are so close to them like when you call your friend f*cker or something like that.


Okay, this one is particularly more like a slang but it can also refer to a monitor lizard too. Actually, Ta Guad officially and politely means a monitor lizard in my language, however, in the past this particular animal often eats chicken that belong to locals. Therefore, they call them Hia to express their anger.

Water Monitor or Ta Guad.

Water Monitor or Ta Guad.

So if someone calls you Hia, he or she might be a little bit more angry and might refer to actions that you did which are bad, evil and unacceptable.


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