5 alternative activities you shouldn’t miss when in Bangkok

There are mainstream things that you have to do when you are in Bangkok such as visiting the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple.

However, some of you might like it more adventurous and exciting, so we have compiled these activities’ list for those who would like to experience Bangkok another way.

1. Sweat while shopping at an outdoor market

Chatuchak market

If you want the best prices, you will have to sweat for it (Chatuchak market)

Even you would like to escape, but you won’t get away from sweating in Bangkok. So to make it more fun, why don’t you do it while shopping?

Most of shopping arcades in this city are located in highly air-conditioned facilities but if you would like the real deal, the actual experience of shopping in Bangkok, you really have to do it at outdoor markets.

You can find outdoor flea markets almost every main street in Bangkok such as on Sukhumvit Road, Rama IV Road and many more. The spot where you can find these flea market are usually around malls or office building areas. The time for operating depends on the area: for office building are will be at noon and for malls will be at the evening where the heat is reduced.

What make great these sweating flea markets are the experience and the products. There are many kinds of products from fresh drinks, smoothies, snacks, food, fashion clothes in cheap price, leather handbags or even electronic devices.

With the combination of an extensive range of products and the fair-like experience, sweating under the heat of Bangkok while shopping is totally worth the effort.

2. Eat out at yummy street food stalls

Street food

Street food

While you can try Thai food almost every major city in the world, getting to try the authentic Thai cuisine in its home is always the best experience you will ever have.

There are so many levels of Thai food experience that you can sample, from a fancy Thai restaurant with the traditional show to a Thai fusion cuisine with a stylish theme. Whether you choice will be the fancy or the fusion one, you should never miss trying the real Thai experience of street food stall.

You might doubt about the cleanliness when it comes to street food. We would not argue with you on that point that the cleanliness might be a bit of an issue, but what will not be a problem is the experience and the taste.

Most of street food stalls you often found across Bangkok offers authentic Thai taste because they usually start off from a family recipe that has passed on from generations. We recommended areas like Yaowarat, Bang Rak and Pratunam district where you will get the best place street food in Bangkok.

For a recommended street menus, we suggest something easy to try like Khaoman Kai (Chicken with Rice), Moo Satay (Satay Pork) and Kuaytiewnam (noodle soup). If you want to take to another level, try Som Tam (Thai Papaya Salad) and Khaokaeng (rich with food of your selection on top) – these menus will take a little more of your courage to try.

3. Ride a maniac Tuk Tuk

Tuk tuk in front of Central World

Tuk tuk in front of Central World

If you have never ridden on a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok before, you totally missed the experience. Tuk Tuk or tricycle motorbike is one of the most adventurous ways to commute in Bangkok. The headline may be a bit scary: not all Tuk Tuk drivers are maniacs, just most of them will give you a memorable good ride that you will never forget.

However, riding on Tuk Tuk in Bangkok is a must thing to do because you can really take in the local atmosphere, weather, and people. And it is way more fun to see the old town, temples and markets from Tuk Tuk than on a closed vehicle like a taxi or a van.

The recommended area where you should try Tuk Tuk ride is around Bangkok Old Town so that you can see beautiful temples, monuments, and other beautiful architectures.

What you might have to be careful is the fare as Tuk Tuk doesn’t have a meter and all the charges are based on bargaining system. Therefore, be sure of where to go and how much the driver is going to charge you before hopping on the ride.

4. Bargain price at the local shops

"Any discount if I get 2 or more?"

“Any discount if I get 2 or more?”

One of the most entertaining things to do while shopping is to bargain the price and that is what you can absolutely do here in Bangkok. The city of angles is a heaven for shoppers. There are too many shopping malls in Bangkok as well as open-air markets where you can find fashion products at affordable prices.

At these flea markets, you can enjoy bargaining your price as long as you think that the price should be lower. There are no strict rules for price bargaining, it all depends on your luck and your tactic, that’s why it’s more fun.

Some places that we would like to recommend for good products with a high chance of price bargaining are Chatuchak Market or the famous weekend market in Bangkok and MBK shopping malls.

5. Shop at a night market

Railroad Market Sirinakarin

Railway Market Srinakarin

If you cannot tolerate the heat of Bangkok but you still want to shop at the outdoor market, we have a solution for you. The night market is very popular among Thai people as they can shop for excellent products with cheaper price while enjoying the night out.

There are many night markets in Bangkok, but the most famous one is called Taladnad Rodfai (Railway Market). Taladnad Rodfai has two branches, but the Ratchada branch is easier to travel there because of its proximity to MRT Thailand Cultural Centre Station.

The market has all kinds of stuff from food, snacks, clothes, barbershop, second-hand bags and clothes and many more. The highlight is the theme of the market which every shop will have a touch of retro style.

Which one will you experience next?


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