5 massage treatments you should not miss when in Thailand

Getting a massage is one of the must things you need to try when in Thailand. The land of smiles possesses numerous options of massage treatment that you can choose from.

The only problem is that there are too many choices that might confuse you. To make it easier for, here are the five best massage treatments you should try once you are in Thailand.

1. Foot massage

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

Shopping all day? Feeling tired and need a hard rub on your feet? Then a foot massage is the right choice for you. Apart from being the most affordable treatments on the spa menu, a foot massage after a long day of walking is incredibly relaxing and energizing.

Foot massage is also suitable for those who are still virgin for any kinds of massage as it is less tickling and less hardcore when compared to other types of massage.

You can find foot massage in almost every shopping venue or tourist district in Thailand. It is so easy to find a massage shop that you will feel as if it were a convenient store.

Price ranges of the service are around 150 THB and should not be more than 300 THB when the shop is found on the street. If somehow it is more than the mentioned price ceiling, you better avoid that shop as it tends to be a tourist trap.

The price range will totally change when the foot massage is found in the spa, where it can range from 300 THB to 800 THB and should not be more.

2. Head, neck, and shoulder massage


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This usually comes in a package with other massage treatments. The head, neck and shoulder massage normally serves as an extension service of other programs. When the masseuse finished with other services that you choose, they sometimes ask if you want the trio massages.

However, in the tourist areas this might not apply to the service they provide as they tend to make the head, neck and shoulder treatment as a separate program.  

You can find the service at the pop-up massage shop around the shopping market or in a massage shop. The price should not exceed 300 THB.

A word of advice: get the full massage or a foot massage, as they are worth more the money and the time spent.  

3. Thai traditional massage

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

Those who want to test the real Thai taste should try a Thai traditional massage. This Thai heritage wisdom is famous and proved to help heal some medical conditions. However, this kind of treatment involves a lot of push and pull.

The massage works in the deep level and affects the whole nervous system so be careful if you have never tried massaging before in your entire life. Thai traditional massage can be a bit hardcore and might cause a fever after receiving the treatment so make sure that you are up for this.

You can get this service at the massage shops or at the spa. Before getting the treatment, you have to change into comfortable clothes that the shop will prepare for you. This is because the masseuse will need you to change position a lot of times during the session and will need you to be more flexible for the push and pull treatment.

Price for this treatment starts from 150 THB and should not be more expensive than oil massage.

4. Massage with hot herbal compress

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Photo credit: Wikipedia

This type of massage is particularly designed to heal the pain at a specific point in your body. For example, if you have a problem on your plantar fascia, the masseuse will suggest you to have a massage with a hot herbal compress to facilitate the rubbing process.

A hot herbal compress will warm the point where you feel pain, making it easier for the masseuse to work on the spot.

This kind of massage is really suitable for those who have a specific condition of pain or stiffness.

Massage with a herbal ball can be found in Thai medicine clinics or centers. Sometimes, it might available in a massage shop and a spa. The price range can start from 180 THB onward – depending on the location and the provider.

5. Oil Massage

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

If you are looking for a pure relaxation and energizing healing, an oil massage service is your answer. Oil massage is a combination of a spa treatment and a healing method. It is softer when compared to Thai traditional massage, but it also gives a good result.

Those who have office syndrome ranging from neck pain, stiff back and shoulders to a headache: this kind of massage can be a hero to save your day.

Oil massage is also good for the skin so if you are ok with being naked in front of the masseuse, we recommended this treatment.

The price of oil massage service can be very varied as there are many factors such as the products used in the treatment, the location, the massage place and the masseuse. But to give you a brief idea, the price can start from 300 THB onward.

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