5 things you should be worried during Loy Krathong

Every fun festival comes with its disadvantages whether it is because of the people or the festival itself. Loy Krathong is no exception – it comes with cons that you should be aware of before it is too late. But what can possibly be threats from this night festival? Here are 5 annoyances that you might experience during Loy Krathong Festival.

Horrible traffic

Bangkok traffic

Bangkok traffic

It is known that Bangkok is a city of bad traffic so it is not difficult to guess how will it be during the major festival like Loy Krathong. If you are a local, you would have known exactly how to plan the journey but if you are not I suggest you to arrive at the venue ahead of time, at least 3 hours. Or to play safe, try to be there before noon and you won’t have to face a horrible fate!

Another thing you can do is to book some accommodation around the place, find more alternative ways to enjoy Loy Krathong here.


Warning sign of pickpocket

Warning sign of pickpocket

Pickpocketing is one of the classic forms of stealing when it comes to the festival. Crowd comes with opportunists so most of the Loy Krathong venues will have the sign warning visitors of their belongings so you should be careful of your purse, camera, money and mobile phone.


Festival fight

Festival fight

Not only crowd comes with opportunists, it also comes with jackasses who like to pick a fight or light up fire crackers and throw them to the crowd. Even you are not one of those, you might be one of their victims. To play safe, you have to keep your ears and your eyes open, be alert all the time.



Be extra care with your little ones

Sad but true that each year, Thailand will have statistic of drownings during Loy Krathong. The festival takes place by the river, canal and pond. Sometimes it is because of the condition of the pier or it can be the festival goers that push each other to death. Anyway, be careful and pick the standard pier where there are staffs around to float your Krathong peacefully.



Yi Peng Lantern that might cause a fire

Mostly, it occurs in the North of Thailand but these days it seems to be almost everywhere. How Loy Krathong can burn someone houses down? Yi Peng Lantern might be the answer – it is how northerners float lantern into the sky and of course somehow the lantern will have to find its way down. Apart from that firecrackers and fireworks which also take share in this.

Flight cancellation

Yi Peng Lantern crowded the night sky

Yi Peng Lantern crowded the night sky

Amazingly, Yi Peng can also mess up air traffic. So during this time of the year, many flights will be cancelled in Chiang Mai Airport. This year, it is expected that there will be around 112 flights cancelled in the northern gateway.

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