7 things you will probably miss when you leave Thailand

If you are a tourist or an expat in Thailand, you will have to come back to your country from time to time. There you will probably find many things that fill you with joy like better traffic, a cooler weather or a proper sidewalk, but there are other things from Thailand you will probably miss. Like these.

1. The smiles

They don’t call Thailand the land of the smiles for no reason. The relaxed atmosphere, the constant joking, and the mai pen rai way of life probably get into your nerves sometimes, but you will miss them when they’re gone.

The friendliness and sense of hospitality lay deep inside the DNA of Thai people, so when you are gone you might feel as if everyone is suddenly more rude than they used to. Well, not really: you just got spoiled by the friendly nature of Thailand!

2. The 7-Eleven

If you don’t live in any of the 16 countries where 7-Eleven operates, you will definitely miss it. And even so, the franchises in your country might not be as well equipped as those in Thailand.

You can find anything in 7-Eleven. Pay your bills, get your coffee, food, drinks, books, cleaning products, light bulbs, and even shelter when you cannot tolerate the scorching sunlight anymore. If that is not good enough for you, then remember that they are opened 24 hours.

3. The public toilets

Not every place in the Earth shares the same view regarding public toilets. For instance, it is virtually impossible to find one in many European countries. And don’t talk about clean ones… and free!

While in some places you need to plan properly for when you need to do your business, that doesn’t apply to Thailand. Don’t worry, there will be some decent place along the way. And usually the cleanliness is acceptable.

4. The Thai food

Thai food is a worldwide phenomenon and you won’t have trouble finding it anywhere in the world. However, what you will not find is a match for the quality, price and authenticity that you can find in its originary place.

Yes, you can probably eat the Pad Thai back at your home country, but it will always bother your mind to pay so much more for the same dish… if not worse!

5. The shopping

Thailand is a paradise for shopaholics. You can shop till you drop in open-air markets or go more sophisticated in state-of-the-art shopping malls.

Probably what you will miss the most are the prices. It just makes you die a little inside to buy a t-shirt back in your country when you know you can find a good one for 100 THB in Thailand.

6. The silence

Ok, this one is a bit subjective and depends deeply to what country you will be comparing Thailand with. Thais can get noisy too, but generally they will be less troublesome or annoying that other nationalities. Sometimes. Exceptions apply.

7. The entertainment

It doesn’t matter how you like to spend your free time: you will find it in Thailand. Whether it is going to the cinema, clubbing, sightseeing legendary temples, shopping, watching animals or delighting yourself in the hottest cafes and restaurants, Bangkok and many other cities in Thailand rarely disappoint.

Tourism is a gigantic industry in Thailand and a way to keep the money going is to keep the flow of things to do. The only thing you have to worry is where to go next! We’ll help you decide, don’t worry.

Anything else that you miss after you leave Thailand? Share it in the comments!

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