Best apps for tourists in Bangkok

There is an app for almost everything you can think of, and surviving and enjoying your stay in Bangkok is no exception. Forget about guidebooks and maps and enjoy a more interactive way of travelling with your smartphone.

Some of them will require you to have an Internet connection, and that should not be a problem as you can easily prepay some of the widely available WiFi Hotspots or even get a prepaid SIM with 3G / 4G connection.

These are the apps you will need:

Bangkok Transport

bangkok transportWe already know public transportation on Bangkok can be tricky, sometimes even almost impossible for tourists, but this application will certainly make it easier.

With an easy-to-understand interface, it provides you easy to access maps and a route and fare calculator that integrates MRT, BTS, and ARL.

Bangkok City Guide

Bangkok City GuideThis app from TripAdvisor serves as a multipurpose companion with maps, list of restaurants, attractions, hotels and tours.

From a big company like TripAdvisor we expected a bit more from the application, but it is still recommended to have it around, especially if you are in a touristic area. It is not available for iPhone, but you can use the full TripAdvisor app instead.

Bangkok MRT

MRTThis is the official application from Bangkok Metro, also known as MRT. It has a standard interface, but sadly most of the sections are “coming soon”.

Nevertheless, it still offers you first-hand information about routes and fares of MRT.


CheckmytripCheckMyTrip is probably the best app to manage and check your incoming flights. It will show you all you need to know about your trip, baggage allowance, seats and weather at the destination. It also serves as a log of all your past trips, as it keeps records of them.

Google Translate

Google TranslateGoogle Translate will only be useful for you to translate to Thai language and not from Thai, unless you kindly ask someone to type the words on your screen.

You can use the voice translation feature which will recognize the words spoken and translate them. Sadly, it does not support camera input for Thai language yet.

Google Maps

MapsThai people doesn’t believe in maps, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget about them too. Google Maps is quite acceptable if you know how to use it and forget about searching for specific addresses (it is very unlikely you will write the right spelling, and also forget about street numbers…)

Remember Google Street View is available in Bangkok and other cities around Thailand.


Bangkok PostA good way to stay updated about what is going around on Thailand is through a news app like the one of Bangkok Post.

Another option will be the one from The Nation.

XE Currency

XECurrencyXE Currency is one of the most famous currency converter apps. It comes with a calculator to make it easier for you to control how much are you actually spending on any currency.

On Android, the widget is very handy to keep track of the exchange rate without opening the app.


grabtaxiGrabTaxi is one of the easiest way to get a taxi from door to door. All you need to do is choose origin and destination and wait for your taxi to arrive. There are other services for taxi services, but Grabtaxi is so far the one taking the lead on the matter.

Hey, and you can even get a cheaper fare with the constant promotions and discounts.

DLT Check in

dlt-miniAnd while we are on the topic of getting a taxi, you might notice sometimes the services is not that good. DLT Check in is an app to report every taxi ride you get. The information goes automatically to the Department of Land and Transport, and it is certainly easier and faster than using the Call Center.


lineMany Asian countries are crazy about this messaging app, and Thailand is one of them. Even if you don’t use this kind of apps or you think this is too childish or colorful for you, you might still need it in Thailand.

Many shops and companies use LINE as a main channel to sell or distribute information, and it is very common to see Line ID here and there to connect with someone.

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