Apps to get discounts and promotions in Bangkok

Everybody likes promotions and discounts, and Thai people love them the same or more. Apps and websites to get discounts and special prices are everywhere, and growing.

Check this list to get to know the most popular apps for promotions and discounts in Bangkok and Thailand.asdf

1. Lazada

lazadaIf you are in Thailand, you probably have heard about Lazada already. This site identifies itself as a “virtual department store“, which is kind of cute. In short, it’s some kind of Amazon.

Lazada focuses on products and not services, like Ensogo, but it is as close as you can get to shop from home. Shoes, gadgets, watches, software, refrigerators… Everything.

2. Buzzebees

BuzzebeesBuzzebees is not so popular, but it is the technology behind other more popular apps and services, like the Samsung Galaxy Gift and others.

Here you will find products, services, and hotels. All of them with discounts you won’t be able to resist.

3. WhatSale

whatsaleOn WhatSale you cannot buy or get any discount directly. Instead, you get a list of what is on sale around Thailand. The list is huge and it covers from fashion to smart TVs and McDonald’s.

One thing to consider: almost everything is in Thai, but at least most of the discounts include a promo image that can help you make some sense out of it.

4. Stamp

stampAre you bored to carry your stamp cards around, untill your wallet explodes? Well, stamp solves the problem with electronic stamps.

You can still collect stamps while you dine at selected restaurants and redeem the special discounts, with your smartphone.


galaxyThere are lots and lots of apps for discounts, but some of them are limited to the customers of a specific service.

Do you own a Samsung? Your mobile network is DTAC or AIS? Then there is an app for you.

Need more apps? Check these:

Do you use any other? Share it in the comments

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