Thai Taxi fare calculator

Calculating the taxi fare of a journey is not an easy task. It depends on the traffic -which normally is horrible- the moment of the day, the route, the use of tolls… But you can always get an approximate rate.

We have created yet another tool for you that will give you an approximation of the taxi fare. It takes into account the distance, the time and the traffic of the most optimal route according to Google Maps.

Get the app

Back in 2015 when I first made this tool I chose to make the tool as a web application embedded here, but this system is not as reliable as a mobile application because of different limitations of the way it has been programmed. If you want a more handy and reliable tool, you can get our official Thai Taxi Fare Calculator application for Android.

Get it on Google Play

Note: we used to have a web version but it has been deprecated now as the application is way easier to use. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Another way to get a taxi, and an estimate sometimes, is to use an app to get a taxi in Bangkok.

Did you find our tool useful? Do you think the result is accurate, too low, too high? Let us know on the comments bellow.

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7 Responses

  1. Ray says:

    Would love to use this on my website. Can I link this?


  2. timayare says:


    Would love to use this on my website
    where i can booking cab pls

    thank you for time

    • timayare says:

      i,m going to nakhon pathom where i can find taxi from bangkok airport
      how much will be cost to go that place

    • Ivan says:

      Hello Tim,

      At the airport you can find normal taxi with meter and limo taxi. Although as Nakhon Pathom is technically another province I’m not 100% they will be ok with using the meter.

      Using Uber calculator ( ) says it will costs around 600 Baht for an UberX. I think that is too cheap so probably have some hidden fee somewhere, but you can check it out.

      On the Grab (taxi) application, it gives you an estimate of 800-1200 THB.

      Check our article about Taxi apps here –

      So, answering to your question, probably around 1000 – 1500 THB.

      Good luck and please come back to share how it went in the end

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