Bangkok to shut down 21 piers during Loy Krathong

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration announced today the closure of 21 piers during Loy Krathong Festival due to the poor condition. BMA has already put up the prohibition signs in all worn out piers for the safety of festival-goers.

BMA forbids visitors of Loy Krathong festival to float Krathongs in these 21 piers due to the piers’ condition. Out of 21 piers, there are 4 forbidden piers in Chao Phraya River namely: Sawadee Pier in Samphanthawong district; Wad Jang Ron 1 Pier in Ratchaburana district; Wat Arun Pier 2 in Bangkok Yai district and Wang Lee in Klong San district.


Chao Phraya Pier

Others prohibited piers are along canals in Bangkok. You can find more information here.

Currently, Bangkok has 283 piers which 262 are in good condition and ready for the upcoming festival on 6 November.



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