Erawan museum review

It doesn’t matter how many times you see the photos of this gigantic three headed elephant building: you will never enjoy it as much as when you see it in person.

This attraction was funded by Lek Praphai Viriyahphant, also the mind behind Ancient Siam and The Sanctuary of Truth. The elephant, together with the base rises 43 meters from the ground and weights 150 tons.

You can actually go inside the elephant -and you definitely should- to appreciate the perfect craftsmanship and fine arts that decorate every inch of it. When you are done, the surrounding tropical gardens will allow you to relax and take some photos.

Reasons to visit Erawan museum

  • Magnificent architecture
  • Beautiful fine arts
  • Free audio-guide to learn more about Thai culture
  • Appreciation of different religions
  • Tropical gardens
  • You can combine the visit with Ancient Siam or Crocodile Farm

What to see at Erawan Museum

The most obvious and prominent thing to see is the building with the three-headed elephant on top. You will be able to take a glance at it from afar, as it raises up from the wall that surrounds the place.

It is so big that you will have trouble capturing it all on a photo but look for the viewpoint located on a little tower along the wall. From there you will be able to capture it all.

From the outside, it is stunning, but it might be the inside that takes your breath away. Nothing here is just a decoration. Everything is perfectly placed to teach you about Thai culture and religion.

On the basement, you can find rare ceramics from Mr. Lek collection. The ground floor (Earth) supports the idea of human living in peace bringing together four religions, skillfully represented carved in four pillars.

If you climb the human world, you reach the Cosmos at the elephant belly. Here there is a little window to take a peek from the belly of the elephant and the room with Buddha images under a picturesque wall paint depicting the solar system.

The top

The top room

The garden outside allows you to take a pleasant walk exploring the different statues connected with Thai legends and myths. Along the way you will find some places to take a rest from the scorching sunlight.

There is also a souvenir shop and restaurant.

A must see, if you can

Erawan museum is definitely worth the visit. It will take around two hours for visiting. Therefore, it is a good chance to combine with other attractions nearby like Ancient Siam or Crocodile Farm in Samut Prakan.

The normal ticket price is 400 THB for foreigners including audio guide, but you can get a ticket half price if you go after 17:00. For discounts and more concrete information about ticketing, check the official page.

Our Rating

4 / 5
Very good



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