4 free online Thai to English translators

An automated translation is never as good as one made by a professional translator, but it comes handy. These days there are many websites that can translate tons of languages, but not so many include Thai.

You probably know already Google Translator, but on this list you will find others not so well known. This way you can get a second and third opinion of your translations.

1. Google Translate

google translate

Everyone knows Google Translator. It is the most feature-rich and free translator out there. It boasts 90 languages, supports speech recognition and even includes a virtual keyboard for typing on languages not installed on your computer.

It works pretty well online, but it is even better on its app version. Available for the main system, it adds OCR recognition for some languages (Thai not yet, but you can use this trick).

2. Bing Translator


For many years, Microsoft has tried to compete with Google for every service. And with very little success. However, it happens pretty often that the services from Live, Bing, Microsoft or whatever they want to call it at the time are not that bad.

Bing translator supports 50 languages, including Klingon, and it works reasonably well for Thai translation. However, it does not include phonetic writing or spoken voice like Google Translate.

3. Babylon Translator


Some of you will remember Babylon Translator from the Internet of 10+ years ago. Well, surprise, it is still working and can translate 24 languages, including Thai.

The translator is not really impressive, but it does the trick and it gives you a free taste of Babylon Translator, a more complex and extensive translation solution for Windows.

4. Baidu Translator


Some translator you might not know unless you are Chinese or really tech savvy is the one from the Chinese giant Baidu. Here the supported languages are very limited, but Thai is among them.

The translation is simple and straightforward, with the option to use a Bilingual View that is useful when translating several sentences.

As you can see, Google Translate is still the best free translator, with some interesting extra features like the phonetic writing or the virtual keyboard. Nevertheless, it is always useful to have some alternatives.

Which one is your favorite? Do you know any other good translator?



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