How are the toilets in Thailand?

If you have never been in Thailand before you might be scared of what you would find in the toilets across the country. Some of my friends and family would imagine a hell-hole full of snakes, or who knows what else.

Fear no more as this article is going to tell you everything you (didn’t really) wanted to know about the toilets in Thailand.

The definitive list of toilet types in Thailand

I will cut to the chase, they are pretty standard. American Standard, mostly. There are obviously many other different brands like Karat, but you will encounter American Standard pretty often. That should at least make you feel more “at home”.

Basically you will encounter four types of toilets in Thailand.

1. The old fashion squat one, for the brave

Squat Toilet in Thailand

Squat Toilet in Thailand

This is probably some the Western travelers’ worst nightmare, but don’t worry, you won’t find them so often. And even when you come across one, it is likely that there will be a standard one nearby. Sometimes you can actually choose what kind of toilet are you going to use for your dirty business.

Expect to find them in rather local areas which have not been renovated for long.

2. The standard one: feels like home

Standard toilet at Paragon Thailand

Standard toilet at Paragon

Most westerners will recognize this as the standard toilet they have been using all their life. You will find them almost everywhere, from luxury shopping malls to hotels and gas stations.

Just remember not to throw the toilet paper down the flush, as it will clog the toilet and things will get nasty fast. Use the provided garbage bin.

Also, remember to check if there is actually toilet paper inside. Many places will be filled with toilet paper while others will require you to bring your own or buy a pack on a machine.

3. The standard with a water hose, or bum gun

The infamous hose

You will find the infamous hose on local houses and shops

Thai people will normally use a hose to clean themselves with water after the business is done. Therefore, you are going to find these toilet hose, or bum gun, in local houses, restaurants, shops… In some cases you will also have toilet paper and a garbage bin, so you don’t need to use it if you are not comfortable with it.

4. The high-tech nerd fantasy

High tech toilet at Terminal 21

High tech toilet at Terminal 21

First of all remember Thailand is not Japan and all Asia is not the same. That being said, you will still find rarely this automated state-of-the-art high-tech toilet devices. If you ever wanted to get a taste of it (we don’t judge you, don’t worry), you can do it freely at Terminal 21. It features water cleaning and seat warming, in case you need it.

Some authentic Japanese restaurants might also have this kind of toilet, but we cannot guarantee it.

And they are pretty clean

Whatever is your toilet of choice, they are normally in good condition with maids taking good care of them. So much, actually, that they will often come inside the men’s toilet to do some extra cleaning or greet you and thank you for coming. This is a bit confusing both for Westerners and Thai, it’s normal, don’t be scared.

It is relatively easy to find toilets in Thailand too! They are everywhere, they are mostly clean and they are mostly free. So relax, enjoy and when the nature calls, go for it. Thailand have got you covered.

What other toilets you came across? Which one do you like and hate the most?


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