Jim Thompson House review

As a tourist, you may or may not have heard of the intriguing and exciting story of Jim Thompson, but there is an easy fix for that: visiting Jim Thompson House Museum, in the heart of Bangkok.

Jim Thompson was once one of the most famous Americans living in Asia, as he revitalized and saved the Thai silk industry until his mysterious disappearance while enjoying some vacation in Malaysia. To this day, this mystery remains unsolved, but you can learn more about his story and his work by visiting his house, now turned into a museum.

Reasons to visit Jim Thompson House

  • Complex of 6 traditional Thai-style houses brought together from various parts of Thailand
  • Reachable by BTS
  • Efficient guided tours
  • You can combine this attraction with others like the Snake farm
  • Everyone loves unsolved mysteries

What to see there

There are basically three points of interest in the visit of Jim Thompson House & Museum. First, the architecture. Jim Thompson designed himself this complex, brought to life by combining six old Thai style houses acquired from all escort munich over the country. This is a unique chance to experience how Thai people used to live or the benefits of the Thai architecture to fight the hot weather and other adversities.

Apart from the magnificent Thai houses surrounded by gardens, there are several artifacts like porcelains, sculptures, paintings and Buddha images worth checking.

The last point of interest of Jim Thompson House & Museum is the history of the place and the person behind. Here the guided tour is essential to escort stuttgart explain you the history and curiosities of the place.

A good chance to learn about Thai culture

Due to its location and the affordable price of the ticket: 150 THB per person (100 THB if you are under 22 years old), especially when you take into account that there is a guided tour that explains you the history escort of every room you visit, this is an excellent chance to learn more about Thai culture and tradition.

The visit doesn’t take long, and you don’t have lot of time to roam by yourself taking photos, but Jim Thompson house is easily reachable by BTS plus a little walk, so you can combine this attraction with some other or some shopping.

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