5 phrases to calm Thais when they are mad

Thailand is a hot country so it is always useful to learn some few Thai words to cool the locals down when they happen to be mad at you for some reasons.

There are actually many ways to express your remorse, but one certain way that will sure help you is always to say sorry. But before getting to the sorry part, let’s see how many ways you can survive the Thai ‘s wrath by expressing these 5 Thai phrases.

1. Jai Yen

This phrase acts like the first stage after you see your Thai friend started to get mad and you have to calm him or her down simply saying “Jai Yen”. This expression means to calm down. If it is not working, you can process with another stage.

2. Yah Groad Gan Nah

If you see that your friend is totally pissed or going to be pissed very soon, proceed with this phrase. Yah Groad Gan Nah means please don’t get mad at me.

This is a good way to go when you spot some sign from your friend. Say these words and then you might be able to get away from the fury.

3. Khor Toad

If none of the above is working, saying sorry might be the best way. Khor Toad is how Thai people say sorry. This expression will be very useful in so many circumstances, especially if you are about to date Thais.

4. Dee Gan Nah

However, if your friend has already got mad at you, the best way to make it up to him/her is to ask for forgiveness. To do that Thai people usually say Dee Gan Nah or let’s make it up or let’s be friends again.

It is quite useful and effective especially to the women as it shows that you have made the first move.

5. Hai Groad Yang

You can use this expression to ask if your friend feels better or calm down after the argument. It can be after saying Khor Toad or Dee Gan Nah, to show that you care their feeling and that you want to know how they are doing right now.

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