Queen Saovabha Snake Farm review

Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, or just Snake Farm, is currently ranking as the 29th most important attraction at TripAdvisor.

It features a good collection of living snakes, snake venom and snake handling shows and lots of educational information and displays about snakes and their habitat.

This is great if you are into snakes and reptiles, but you will find it interesting even if you really don’t have a thing for this legless animals.


The previous video shows you a little fragment of the snake show, while handling the cobras.

Reasons to visit the snake farm

  • You can reach by BTS and MRT (and some little walking)
  • It is family friendly and educative
  • The shows are something you don’t get to see everyday
  • Ticket price is not expensive (200 THB for adults and 50 THB for kids)
  • You collaborate with Red Cross
  • Lots of big, deadly and beautiful snakes

What to see there

This snake farm is not really big, but the space is well managed. There is an external area with snakes, an auditorium where the snake handling show is presented and a building with both nocturnal snakes and educative displays (and aircond, which can be very important if you go on a hot day).

The outdoor area allows you to take pictures of the snakes with plenty of good and natural light. Every specimen has a tag with information so you know what you are looking at. It is a pleasant walk which shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

Inside the main building, called Simaseg Building, another two floors awaits you with more snakes. Here the light is dimmed but it is not difficult to find and see the snakes.  It is a good chance to see the snakes taking a break from the heat outside.

On the upper floor there are no more live snakes. This floor is reserved for educative displays, skeletons and other fascinating -and somehow scary- materials. It allows for some fancy photos.

On the little auditorium outside takes place the snake handling show, which could be called the main attraction of the snake farm. Don’t forget to check the schedule and get a good sit in advance for a good view.

The show is presented both in Thai and English and allows you to know more about these animals. At the end of it you can get a picture with a big python over your shoulders.

An attraction for the family with easy access

The good thing about Snake Farm in Bangkok is that it is an attraction you can easily fit into your schedule. As it is “kind of” connected to the BTS and MRT, the access is fast and easy.

The visit itself can be completed in two hours, including the snake handling show. This show takes place at 14:30 on weekdays and 11:00 on weekends, so just make sure that you won’t miss it.

Even if you are not so excited about seeing snakes, the visit allows for some interesting facts and some nice photos, so we recommend you to check it out if you have a chance.

Our Rating

4 / 5
Very good



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