Thai food for newbies: Yum Woonsen

Yum Woonsen is one of the most popular Thai appetizers, especially among the women. This is mainly because its rich flavor and the healthy ingredients that attract the health lovers and those who are trying to get in shape, but do not want to give up the tasty food yet.

What is Yum Woonsen?

Yum Woonsen or the spicy glass noodle salad is a Thai salad made from glass noodles with the meat of your choice. Thai people usually have Yum Woonsen as an appetizer to begin the meal with the refreshing taste of this dish.

What are the ingredients?

Yum Woonsen ingredients. Credit:

Yum Woonsen ingredients. Credit:

Ingredients for Yum Woonsen are not hard to find. The main component for this delicacy dish is glass noodle that you cannot miss out, or else it will not be Yum Woonsen. The glass noodle salad is normally cooked with minced pork as a base while adding more meat to the dish, such as seafood, sausage or even ham.

Everything will be boiled for a short time and then they will be mixed in the bowl with seasonings – lime juice, chili and fish sauce. After finishing with the mixing process, the cooker will top this spicy noodle salad with minced shallot, chopped parsley, and roasted peanut.

Why should I try it?

Homemade Yum Woonsen is healthy and good for diet

Homemade Yum Woonsen is healthy and good for diet

You should try Yam Woonsen because it is yummy and it is healthy if you actually cook it yourself. The taste of Yum Woonsen will make your dull day become alive once more.

If you are looking for some diet that will serve your weight reducing, Yum Woonsen is a great start as the glass noodle can fill your stomach well, but it doesn’t give so much of the calories (you have to choose the one that made from green beans).

Also when you are on a diet, you have to eat boring stuff, but Yum Woonsen is nothing like what you have experienced before. So this can conclude why you should totally try it.

How to eat it?

Like we mentioned before, spicy glass noodle salad is often enjoyed as an appetizer but many women also have this dish as their main dish just to be on the diet. This really depends on your preference. You can even enjoy it with a dish of rice – no one is going to judge you.

Where can I find one?

Yum Woonsen is not difficult to find in food courts and Thai restaurants

Yum Woonsen is not difficult to find in food courts and Thai restaurants

Being a popular dish, Yum Woonsen is easily found in most of the restaurants – as long as it is a Thai restaurant and not a Japanese one. However, if you want to try to the real deal, you should head to street food that offers Northeastern Thai delicacy. There you will find the spicy and sour salad that Thais enjoy.

If you are a newbie, I suggest you to try those that available in the restaurants in the mall as the taste will be more friendly to the foreigner’s tongue.


  • Seafood is the best meat toppings for Yum Woonsen
  • Yum Woonsen’s taste has to be sour before sweet
  • Thai cooks usually add MSG to Yum Woonsen so let them know if you don’t want it in your dish.
  • If you cannot handle the spiciness that well, don’t forget to let them know.

If you are a big fan of Thai cuisine, don’t forget to check more Thai savory and tidbits here. Let us know more about what is your taste!


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