Thai taxi ranked 8th for best Taxi in the world

Recently has released a survey on the best taxi in the world – based on 2,683 respondents across 30 countries. Bangkok taxi claimed number 8th while top the list on the category of value.

The study based on 8 qualities that passengers are looking for: safety; value; knowledge of area; availability; quality of driving; cleanliness and friendliness. Overall Bangkok taxi ranked 8th shared the status with another two cities – Singapore and Bogota while ranked number one is London taxi. In term of value, Bangkok tops the list along with New York City that shared the same quality.

Of all qualities, Bangkok taxi seems to have its strength on vale, availability and friendliness. There is no doubt about the value of the money – Bangkok taxi is the cheapest way to travel privately as well as offering the great access throughout the city.

Bangkok taxi

For the availability, there are plenty of taxis in Bangkok so it won’t be difficult to find one even during the rush hour; unless some of them might be a little picky about where to go. Lastly, friendliness – it is almost coded in Thai people genetic that they are nice with the smile on their faces most of the time. Therefore, with the small price of 35 baht for the starting meter; passengers will mostly find a service that exceeds the expectation.


The study from also found that over 50% of passengers across 30 countries preferred taxi as a choice of travel when travelling from airport while the favorable feature found in taxi ranked number one is WiFi feature beating radio and music.


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