Thailand Visa Calculator

When you enter Thailand, you are normally permitted to stay for a period of 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on the kind of visa you have used to enter the Kingdom. Also, you are allowed to ask for a visa extension at the immigration checkpoint. That grants you an additional 30 days, or 7, in case you entered following the visa exemption.

Number of days

Either way, calculating till when you are allowed to stay on the Kingdom is always difficult, as you need to operate precisely with dates, if you don’t want to end up overstaying. You can use any date calculator online, like this one, but we have created a minitool which will do the maths for you.

You just need to enter your day of arrival and how long you are allowed to stay, hit Calculate Now and the system will throw you the date you are suppose to leave the Kingdom.

Note: Checking “I will get visa extension” adds an extra 30 days, unless your stay was only 30 days, in which case it adds 7 days.

Please double-check the information, this tool is provided as-this, and we have observed that even the immigration officers sometimes add or substract one day with no apparent reason, but we hope you will find this tool useful and accurate.

Did it give you the same result as the stamp from the immigration officer? If so, spread the word :-)

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