The new Thai taxi meter fares are here

The long awaited and feared revision of the Thai taximeter is finally coming to town, whether you like it or not. And you are not going to like it.

Just as you can expect, it means more expensive rides. Basically, only the fixed fares stay, like the 35 THB for starting or the 20 and 50 THB surcharge for radiotaxi and airport stand. The price on all the other steps is increased, including the fee per minute, when the taxi is stuck on a traffic jam.

What are exactly the changes?

You can check on the next table the difference between the old and the new meter. The price is per kilometer, except from the starting price which stays at 35 THB on both cases (but on the old meter covered for 2 KM and now only for 1.

OLD MeterNEW Meter
0 – 2 km35 THB0-1 km35 THB
2 – 12 km5.0 THB1 – 10 km5.5 THB
12 – 20 km5.5 THB10 – 20 km6.5 THB
20 – 40 km6.0 THB20 – 40 km7.5 THB
40 – 60 km6.5 THB40 – 60 km8.0 THB
60 – 80 km7.5 THB60 – 80 km9.0 THB
80+ km8.5 THB80+ km10.5 THB
Minute (slow traffic)1.5 THBMinute (slow traffic)2.0 THB

You can already spot this new fares on some of the taxis which meter have already been updated.

New taximeter

New taxi meter

So, how much more expensive it is?

We have prepared some little tool for you to compare. You can try any combination of distance (in kilometers) and minutes in slow traffic, to see what is the new and the old fare.

Note: for a more complete fare calculator, take a look at this.

We have prepared some little graphic showing the difference on a perfect ride. The graphic only shows the difference when it comes to distance. You have to consider that the minutes in which the traffic is stuck or moving slower than 6km/h are still 0,50 THB more expensive than before.

Graph comparing the fares

Graph comparing the fares

So, in short, you will be paying from 10% to 25% more than before, and even more if the traffic is horrible, as it normally is. Sorry about that.


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