Top 3 best food courts in Bangkok

Being a capital of Thailand, Bangkok automatically becomes a capital of Thai delectable cuisine as well. The city of angels has every kind of food and every price range, allowing you to enjoy this never-ending food paradise.

However, if you are looking for a place where you can try many kinds of foods at the same place and the same time, there is nowhere more suitable than a food court.

What is a food court?

A food court is where there are many food outlets are gathered at the same venue. Normally, you should find food courts at malls. It is very unlikely that one mall will not have any food court.

How does it work?

Most of Asian travellers might be familiar with the concept of food court, unlike westerners. At a food court, you get to choose food that you like from many food outlets available at the venue. It is self-service where you will buy credit at the cashier and then use that cash card to purchase your favourite dishes at the outlet.


Price at the food court is relatively lower than at a standalone restaurant. Prices usually start from 30 THB up to 80 THB, but the average price is normally around 50 THB for a good meal.

The best food courts in Bangkok

There are a lot of food courts in Bangkok, but it doesn’t mean they are always good. To be honest, most of them are not good at all! This is because food court’s existence is to serve hungry people at their convenience and you know that most of the convenient stuff do not come in a whole package – it will just serve the purpose.

But don’t you worry, we pick the best 3 food courts in Bangkok. This list is totally based on first the taste and secondly the price.

1. Terminal 21

Terminal 21 Food Court is called Pier 21

Terminal 21 Food Court is called Pier 21

Conveniently located in Asoke BTS station as well as Sukhumvit MRT station, Terminal 21 offers one of the best food court in Bangkok. Food court at Terminal 21 has many delicious food outlets and they are very cheap!

Considering its location, Terminal 21 shouldn’t be able to sell food that cheap. Not only the food is affordable, it is also very delicious. You can try Chicken Biryani with green chutney (Khao Mok Khai) at the Muslim food shop or try the spicy noodle Tom Yum with fish balls.

For those who love egg noodles, there is one shop selling good egg noodles with red pork along with dim sum. And if you are vegetarian, do not worry, this food court also has a great vegan food shop that serves great food.

For desserts, you cannot miss sweet sticky rice with mango (Khaoniew Mamueng) at the dessert shop, while you can also get a fruit juices and smoothies at the shop next to the dessert shop.

Terminal 21 food court is very famous among tourists and locals. It can be super crowded during lunch time, so plan your visit wisely.

Price here starts from 30 THB for the basic dishes.

2. Siam Paragon

Food court at Siam Paragon

Food court at Siam Paragon

Even Siam Paragon is one of the luxurious malls in Thailand, but still offers food court. At Paragon Food Hall you will find many food outlets. The taste is quite good even the price is not as cheap as Terminal 21. However, the portion is acceptable.

Paragon food court is located on the ground floor. It is always very crowded as it is surrounded by other standalone restaurants.

For the recommended dishes, try rice with your choices of food on top (Khaoradkang) where you can choose one to three food topped over the jasmine rice. The portion is quite big so think carefully before order.

Food price at Paragon Hall starts from 50 THB for the basic menu.

3. Paradise Mall

Paradise park Food Court

Paradise park Food Court

Paradise mall is located off the beaten track, on Srinakarin Road. There is no BTS or MRT to this mall but it is really worth visiting for great food variety.

The majority of shoppers at Paradise Park are well to do Thais who seek for the best and delicious food. Therefore, no wonder that the food court here is packed with delicious food outlets where you can find finest food, local ingredients, snacks, fresh fruits and veggies.

We recommend you to try papaya salad (Som Tam) and grilled chicken at Bua food outlet, they are very tasty and fresh. After the heavy meal, you can also have you dessert at the Thai dessert shop where you can get Khaoniew Mamaung and Kluay Chuam (banana with syrup).

Prices of food here are very vary but the average will fall around 40 THB.

Which one is your favourite?


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