Why is Songkran so awesome?

Every April in Thailand, Songkran is the most and only festival that everyone is waiting for. If you still have a blurry picture of what is this festival about, go take a fast look at our article about SongkranNow we are going to talk about why Songkran is so awesome for everyone. 

Songkran serves as the best ice-breaking festival for everyone. Especially for tourist, this is a great chance for you to really interact with locals and strangers.

Here you have 7 things you can do during Songkran that makes it so awesome.

1. Throw water at strangers without getting punched

In your face!

In your face!

It is a festive time! You are allowed to throw water to someone else’s face without being insulted or even receiving physical harm right back. But be nice to others, this should be a happy time – throwing water at each other to make friends, not enemies.

2. Apply water powder to chick’s cheeks

It's powder time!

It’s powder time!

Well this is another thing you can totally do it during this time of the year – touching (politely) a chick’s cheek! But be informed that some of the venues have forbidden water powder due to harassing issues. So check with the venue first, then with the ladies!

3. Socialise with the locals

All ready to roll

All ready to roll

This is a great time to go chit-chat with locals that sometimes shy away from tourists because of their language problem. But Songkran will help melting this barrier away!

4. Get wet in public with a good reason

Refreshing after the splash

Refreshing after the splash

In a normal situation, getting all wet in public will totally be a taboo or a shame to oneself, but not during Songkran festival where you can have a pass to get wet as much and as long as you want.

 5. Cool down with free water in the heat of summer

The water will help you cool down

The water will help you cool down

During the month of April, it’s hot, really hot, so the cool water thrown at you from every angle will feel like heaven. Refreshing and the only way to cope with the high temperatures on the streets during summer!

6. Dance on the street in the middle of the day

Let's dance

Let’s dance

If you try to dance in the middle of the street any other day of the year, people will most certainly think you are totally crazy, but not on Songkran. So if dance is in your veins and you want the world to see you in action, this is your chance.

7. Fight the authority

The police officers got their own share of water

The police officers got their own share of water

So, I see you are a rebel. During Songkran you have your only chance to fight police and security guards with all the water weaponry you have in hand. And the best part, without ending up on the jail. That’s a plus.

As you see, there are many reasons why Songkran is totally awesome, but we might have missed a few of them. Do you know any other? Let us know in the comments!


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